Jeremy Schuurmans
Portland, OR

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  • JobLog      GitHub     ♦     Live

    Simplify your job search! Users can create an interactive board of companies they want to apply to, and log information about when they submitted an application, when they followed up, and responses, helping them stay organized and focused. This app is a Rails API with dynamic features using jQuery. It authenticates with bcrypt and OmniAuth GitHub, and was TDD'd using RSpec and Capybara. Styled with Bootstrap.

  • Vino      GitHub     ♦     Live

    A social wine journal built with Rails. Users can journal wines they love, and follow other users, viewing and commenting on each other's wines. It utilizes bcrypt and OmniAuth GitHub for authentication. Styled with Bootstrap and custom HTML and CSS.

  • Nice One, Dad      GitHub     ♦     Live

    Dad jokes at the click of a button! This one page app built from scratch with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript connects to the "I Can Haz Dad Joke" public API, delivering for your amusement a random hilarious pun.

  • Too Hot to Handel      GitHub

    Classical music news and reviews for the command line! This CLI, written in Ruby, scrapes the website of a popular classical music magazine and displays articles in your terminal.